The 7 Best Tennis Shoes for Wide Feet of 2022

It is common knowledge that each individual has a unique foot shape. The dreading question is, what might be critical if you are looking for the best tennis shoes for wide feet? Keep reading as the article unveils the vital secrets that you should arm with before purchasing one.

The suitable tennis shoes should offer comfort, stability, structure and the right style. What can be challenging is how to acquire the best option from the varieties in the market. Don’t worry if you are in such a state because this article has the selections for your pick.

When you locate suitable footwear, you will find fulfillment. Above all, our number one recommendation from the list is; New Balance Men’s mc806 Tennis Shoe. The shoe is versatile with a lightweight design for effortless movements.

However, there are other options for the shoes on the list that you can use to match your needs appropriately. Similarly, since there are many shoes on the shelves, the narrowed your options on the list will simplify your shopping. Let’s dig a little deeper.

Best Tennis Shoes for Wide Feet

1. New Balance Men’s mc806 Tennis Shoe

New Balance Men's mc806 Tennis Shoe

You can always put in mind New Balance Men’s mc806 Tennis Shoe if you want feet comfort and stability. Overall, the material construction includes high-quality leather with a synthetic upper. Moreover, the shoe has a rubber sole, which increases comfort.

You can securely land your foot on any hard surface without experiencing shocks due to the mounting of the ABZORD cushioning system. Furthermore, the shoe has a sturdy toe, which will prevent any injury that may result from adjusting a position.

The shoe allows a proper air circulation since its toe is ever perforated. Also, its reinforced toe and a lace-up system make it ideal for a snug fit. The design and color of this product are stylish, causing the player to appear elegant.


  • It has an excellent shock-absorbing feature to protect your feet against the impact.
  • The leather and synthetic materials are durable.
  • The perforated toe box allows proper air circulation.
  • The shoe design is spacious to accommodate any wide feet comfortably.
  • The product enables outstanding comfort, stability, and support.
  • Its lightweight design allows effortless movements.


  • The shoes occur in limited colors (White only).
  • The quality of an insole is slightly inferior.

The footwear has a midsole with a specific role of cushioning and maintaining the balance throughout your use. Also, the shoe has improved traction due to a herringbone outsole, which is useful as you increase your motions.

2. Prince Men’s T22

Prince Men's T22

Prince Men’s T22 is a product that you can distinguish from the rest due to its superior shock-absorbing technology emanating from the midsole. A regular tennis player will go for them since they have a rigid midfoot shank.

Most importantly, the shoe has a moisture wicking sock liner, supported by breathable mesh uppers for sweaty feet. The shoe has an optimal weight, though not the lightest, which helps your movements.

Excellent traction is what makes these shoes attractive. There is a herringbone tread pattern, which is ideal for better traction. The combination of rubber outsole will increase comfort and reduce any shock impacts.

The product features a 100% durable synthetic material. This material is comfortable as it makes the product among the best men’s tennis shoes for wide feet.


  • The shoe is well balanced and breathable to eliminate moisture and secure dryness.
  • Its toe box has enough wiggle room to accommodate wide feet.
  • The shoe is durable, with reasonable prices.
  • Has reliable traction to enable quick movements.
  • It has an excellent cushioning to improve overall comfort.


  • Lack of ample arch support for flat feet individuals.
  • The shoe may not be as lightweight as such.

Prince Men’s T22 has a large toe box to accommodate a full foot. Even so, the presence of foot straps is necessary to improve stability as one move. Still, the shoe has ample cushioning, which increases overall comfort.

3. K-Swiss Women’s Hypercourt Express Tennis Shoe

K-Swiss Women's Hypercourt Express Tennis Shoe

You can avoid the confusion of finding the best wide tennis shoes by settling on K-Swiss Women’s Hypercourt Express shoe. Notably, they are incredibly lightweight, and you will feel refreshed and relieved while wearing.

Meanwhile, these shoes come from durable synthetic materials. Indeed, their design consists of a mesh which makes them breathable. The increased air circulation will get rid of moisture while keeping your feet dry and warm.

The footwear has a non-slip heel lining to improve the stability of the people with wide feet. You can, therefore, use them confidently without the fear of losing balance. Still, the users will experience better arch support to bring out a natural feel.


  • The shoes have an EVA midsole, which has shock absorbing abilities to protect the leg from injuries.
  • There is a breathable lining that allows air circulation and prevents sweating, leading to warm and cool feet.
  • Its materials are durable to resist any tear or wear.
  • The shoes are supportive, stylish, with multiple colors for one to choose from.
  • Its lightweight design makes the player use it all day without feeling the load on the feet.
  • The product has reasonable market prices.


  • No drawbacks.

As you use K-Swiss Women’s shoes, you will not have to worry about shocks since they have a midsole that absorbs shocks. An improved outer sole has excellent treading to increase traction and prevent further slipperiness while moving.

4. adidas Barricade Classic Wide 4E Tennis Shoe

adidas Barricade Classic Wide 4E Tennis Shoe

Adidas Barricade 4E tennis shoes have an upper barricade mesh, which ensures proper ventilation and brings a cooling effect. The key material construction for this product is textile and synthetic, which are long-lasting.

In addition to that, the footbed has excellent padding that makes you enjoy that lavish fit. The outsole has a sturdy elastic, which makes the shoe serve you for a long time with a six-month warranty.

Its upper has a top-quality synthetic material. Similarly, the shoe has a mesh lining to make it breathable and maintain dryness while in use. This design will enhance comfort and support for wide feet.

The midfoot will receive its support from a 3D torsion to accommodate its wide flat foot. The EVA technology will increase the cushioning and support to the user’s foot, making the product among the best tennis shoes for wide feet.


  • The forefoot has ADIPRENE+ for more drive and efficiency.
  • The presence of ADDITUF will wrap around your toe to eliminate the chances of foot drag.
  • The shoe has a breathable upper to increase ventilation.
  • The buyer enjoys a 6-month sole certification.
  • The durable shoe has a beautiful design with top-quality synthetic and textile materials.


  • The product is slightly expensive when having high-end features.
  • Lack of ample back support.

There is an Ardiwear 6 rubber outsole with an improved herringbone tread to increase traction on all surfaces. Likewise, the outsole has a six-month guarantee, which is a sure way to prove the durability feature.

5. NIKE Men’s Court Lite Tennis Shoes

NIKE Men's Court Lite Tennis Shoes

Th tennis shoes for wide feet usually have high-quality materials, and Nike Men’s Court shoes are among them. Its materials are durable to resist any tear or wear; hence, they are worth your penny.

The upper materials are also long-lasting while displaying better comfort. You can take advantage of the mesh tongue, which allows airflow to ventilate your foot and eliminate sweat. The material is breathable, and therefore, your feet will remain dry and warm.

Stability is an essential factor while using any shoe product. Nike Men’s Court shoes have a GDR outsole to enhance traction. You will be more stable and confident while playing since chances of slipping are minimal.

There is a midsole, characterized by lightweight cushioning. The cushioning will increase comfort as well as reduce the shock impacts. The shocks on foot are not good news as they may result in injuries or leg lesions.


  • The midsole has foam that will cushion every step to increase comfort.
  • The excellent treading on the outsole gives outstanding traction.
  • The combination of high-quality synthetic and leather on the upper makes the shoe to last for long.
  • The padded tongue and collar cause your ankle to enjoy an added comfort.
  • The product consists of fair market prices.


  • Limited color options.

Nike has a better design on the toe area. As a result, there is extra material around the shoe toe to increase abrasion resistance. The design minimizes the chances of shoe-wearing.

6. adidas Men’s Barricade Court 3 Wide Tennis Shoe

adidas Men's Barricade Court 3 Wide Tennis Shoe

Adidas Men’s Barricade Court 3 is a versatile product that you can use it for many special needs. Interestingly, its materials are synthetic and textile, which are long-lasting. You will never fail to find this product among the best tennis shoes for wide feet.

The upper part has a meshed material to allow ventilation and boost breathability. This design will effectively eliminate sweat as it keeps the feet cool and dry. There is an innersole to reduce shocks on the feet.

Adidas Men’s Barricade Court 3 has an Adituff abrasion-resistant outsole to increase the durability of the sole. The shoe increases the user’s stability by applying a torsion system between the forefoot and the heel.


  • The breathable upper will minimize sweat and ensure dry feet.
  • The materials (synthetic and textile) used can are long-lasting.
  • The shoes have outstanding traction.
  • Agreeable, sturdy, and comfortable.
  • Sufficient cushioning for the foot.


  • Always stiff at the beginning but will adjust later.

The outsole offers excellent traction, having exceptional treading to allow movements stably. The shoe takes care of the comprehensive foot aspects by having a wide fit to tolerate the feet comfortably without exerting pressure leading to pains.

7. ASICS Men’s Gel-Game 6 Tennis Shoe

ASICS Men's Gel-Game 6 Tennis Shoe

You can improve your experience of playing tennis by using ASICS Men’s Gel-Game 6 shoe. The shoes are 100% from synthetic material to serve you for a long duration since they have durable parts.

The product is unique as it uses a trusstic system technology. Here, we mean that the design will reduce the weight of the sole without compromising the shoe’s integrity. There is an EVA midsole material that minimizes the midsole breakdown.

The breathable upper has a well-ventilated fabric lining to control the sweat. Above all, the material will absorb the sweat and let in the airflow to keep your feet dry. It also adds to the overall comfort of your feet.

Wearing the shoe with safety abilities will improve your performance by a great deal. For example, Asics Men’s Gel-Game 6 has a get cushioning system. The cushion will regulate shock and protect your feet against the impacts.


  • Its sole is lightweight, therefore, ideal for the long run.
  • The outsole rubber offers maximum traction to improve movements.
  • The shoe has mechanisms to reduce shocks and get rid of the underlying injuries.
  • The material used to construct the shoe are durable.
  • The padded footbed will increase the feet comfort.
  • Reasonable and affordable prices.


  • There are no drawbacks so far.

There is a solid rubber outsole that does not quickly wear even if used on different terrains. Durability is what defines this sole. Still, it has excellent treading to enhance outstanding traction throughout your use.

While playing tennis, your feet might get wet as well as your whole body by sweating. You might go for sweaty feet shoes that will absorb your sweat and allow the air circulation on your feet to keep them dry.

What to Look Before Buying Tennis Shoes for Wide Feet

Proper Fit

A fitting shoe proves to be a challenging one to get for most of the people. It is proper to know your size, but remember, some individuals change their feet size as they grow. Find out the right size with time so that you don’t miss out in the future.

Before you leave for shopping, measure out your feet length for preciseness. There are online charts that will guide you over this aspect of size. Following the guide will eliminate the error of acquiring an oversize or tight shoe.


You should strive to know the size of your feet. Some people have large-sized feet, others medium or small ones. The correct size of your feet will enable you to avoid mismatch. A size mismatch can bring inconveniences and affect your performance.

Before you purchase your shoes online or while at the physical shop, confirm the proper size of the shop attendant if you have wide feet, select the shoe that meets the needs of that size, and avoid the confusion.


A shoe that has proper treading is a guarantee of good traction. When the ideal shoe offers excellent traction, you will be worry-free since chances of slipping are minimal as compared to poorly treaded footwear.

The outsole should be sturdy enough to offer stability and traction. The level of traction which your shoe may have will affect your performance in the field. That is to say, you should never overlook the aspect of traction if you want success.


Comfort is what makes the ideal shoes attractive to you. If you have wider-than-average feet, then extra wide tennis shoes can work for you. For this case, then look for more arch support. Still, the midsole should have enough cushioning to provide stability and increase comfort.

So, perfect comfort comes with having a suitable shoe with correct breathability for your feet. Consider a shoe with a roomy toe to accommodate your toe. The special allowance prevents any pressure on the same toe.


Your shoe should have enough support to prevent foot-related complications, such as lesions. For instance, the shoe must have arch support by use of cushioned midsole, which will later absorb shocks and impacts while playing.

Some manufacturers include a padded collar to support your ankle and enjoy an added comfort. The inclusion of support materials in your shoes is necessary to protect and save you from potential injuries such as foot pain.


Of course, there are chances that you will not settle for any shoe that may only take a few months before you replace it. Sometimes low priced shoes may wear out comfortably. Invest in high-quality durable footwear that will serve you for an extended period.

A well-made shoe should meet your style and serve the occasion without compromising durability. You can also lengthen the lifespan of the shoe by wearing proper socks. As a result, you will later never regret the investment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How do you determine the size of the broad feet shoes?

A. Width sizes differ in measurements. For instance, the regular shoes for men are usually 1cm less than the wide shoes in the same category. There are also extra-wide shoes that have an extra 1cm as compared to the wide shoes.

You can start by measuring the length of your feet size then proceed for a size up. The entire exercise should help you to determine the measurements of your wide feet.

Q. What should I do if the sole is inappropriate?

A. A sole plays a critical role when offering the maximum support to your shoes. You should avoid compromising comfort by wearing an inappropriate sole. We can clarify this; even if other factors are right about the shoes, a false bottom might affect your performance.

There is still an option for you. If you can find the right sole to replace, then go ahead and do so. The final product should not create any discomfort as you put on.

Q. What is the reason behind loose laces?

A. The shoe for your wide feet ought to be free. You can only maintain the free feet by ensuring that the boots have loose laces. Many shoes for wider feet have short lace structures to improve their function.

A wide feet foot should have an allowance to prevent trapping and getting off balance. The level of losing balance while playing is directly related to the level of trapping.

Q. Can I perform better with my wide feet in the court?

A. The key reason that will make you perform better is by using the right footwear. In this case, use a suitable shoe for wide feet.

Check the type of footwear that you have if you experience any discomfort while playing in the tennis court. Firstly, it should be comfortable, properly sized, and not be too narrow to allow extra pressure that may lead to pain.

Q. Will my wider shoes still serve me better if I use regular insoles as a secondary option?

A. You should use the proper insoles to get an improved and comfortable output. While buying a suitable insole, let it be the right size to avoid any misfit in terms of length and width. You will get outstanding service when you maintain the right insole size.

Alternatively, regular insoles may also work for you. The only challenge will arise when they don’t fit properly. The resultant complications may frequently be triggering fatigues and losing balance while the game is on.

Q. How is the availability for the wide feet shoes in the market?

A. Several manufacturers have the descriptions for specialized wide feet footwear among their brands. More so, these brands have all the aspects that a wide foot should enjoy. The products are all over the market.

You can start by looking for them in online shops. If you are visiting a shop store, seek clarification from a sales assistant for further direction.


Playing tennis will involve some running, which may prompt the user to acquire the footwear that has better cushioning. The cushioning will increase comfort and prevent shocks that you may encounter as you step on the ground.

Ideal footwear should have adequate arch support to keep you from injuries. Moreover, it should have cushioned midsole as an extra layer of protection against impacts. Its outsole should have excellent traction to enhance stability.

When you follow the above guideline, you will never fail to meet your target. Indeed, the guideline provides an insight into your shopping.

Therefore, a suitable tennis shoe for the wide feet should serve the player well without further causing problems. The above list has a collection of 7 different types of products for your selection. Any pick can give you a solution to your requirements.

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