The 7 Best Squash Shoes of 2020

Picking the most suitable shoe for playing squash seems to be a difficult task for many players, who predictably do not want a design that will slow down their movement.

You are not the only person battling with this task – it is a common challenge in the squash world.

For you to have a distinct style, while striking the ball to beat your opponent hands-down, you must have a pair of squash shoes that feels like a second skin.

Hence this well-researched buying guide into the 7 best squash shoes for 2020 to ensure you become an all-time winner on the court.

Leading the 7 top picks is HEAD Men's Grid 2.0 Low Squash Indoor Court Shoes; it is a fusion of technology and style, a brand that will keep you agile and active from start to finish.

Does it have a competitor? Do they have the features that will keep your feet feeling fresh and fatigue-free all day long?

Its time to find out!

Best Squash Shoes



Made of


HEAD Men's Grid 2.0 Low Squash Indoor Court Shoes



Salming Men's Kobra 2 Squash Indoor Court Shoes



Hi-Tec Squash Unisex Trainer



ASICS Mens Gel-Rocket 8 Volleyball Shoe



Salming Viper Mens Court Shoes



Babolat Mens Shadow Spirit Squash Indoor Court Shoes

Mesh and Synthetic


adidas Men's Stabil X Volleyball Shoe

Textile and Synthetic


1. HEAD Men's Grid 2.0 Low Squash Indoor Court Shoes

HEAD Men's Squash Indoor Court Shoes

Manufactured to have an eye-catching design, this pair of shoes from HEAD will provide top-notch toe-drag resistance, and you can wear it for long on all surfaces you want to play on.

This is possible thanks to the high-abrasion+ rubber formula that is fixed to the tennis sole's high-stress portion.

The use of synthetic leather and air mesh on the upper part, which promotes aeration, keeps your feet moisture-free and dry during play.

An innovative aspect of HEAD Men’s shoe is the cooling system that helps with “climate control” to absorb and release excess heat build-up.


  • Use of Lightweight EVA midsole to keep the feet comfortable and absorb impact from jumps
  • Adoption of Lateral Control Technology to relieve the ankle and prevent you from rolling over, since stability gets enhanced with a flared sole
  • Presence of a heel strap for extra support to the feet
  • High resistance toe and heel cap protects the feet
  • Use of non-marking natural gum rubber to guarantee an excellent grip on the court
  • Use of synthetic leather upper makes the shoe long-lasting


  • Small sizes
  • Heavy feel on the feet
  • The shoe quality depreciates fast with constant use
  • Non-availability of removable insole
  • Not enough ankle support

The inside of the HEAD Men's Squash Indoor Court Shoes will keep your feet well cushioned and comfortable considering the soft lining material used for the inner parts.

With its flexible features, This shoe is ideal for sports such as Badminton, Pickleball,Volleyball, and Racquetball.

2. Salming Men's Kobra 2 Squash Indoor Court Shoes

Salming Men's Kobra 2 Squash Indoor Court Shoes

If you desire comfort, speed, and stability when serving around the court, The Salming Men’s Kobra 2 offers this and much more to enable you to produce a superb performance.

The 2020 version of this shoe has a soft foam compound that provides 71% more shock-absorbing features than other shoes with EVA midsole in the heel impact area.

It also enjoys the new Recoil Energy Return Foam midsole, which is lighter and provides a higher energy rebound effect.


  • Use of ROLLBAR technology on the outer sole to roll the foot inward and push off the toe
  • HEXAGRIP pattern to get the excellent grip and traction on all surfaces
  • Presence of an integrated exoskeleton that connects the lacing system which keeps the midfoot stabilized and as well provide support during lateral movement
  • Thin breathable mesh helps to keep the feet ventilated and cool
  • Use of an anatomical Ergo heel cup to fixate and stabilize as it allows for comfort and a great fit while absorbing shock from the rearfoot landing zone
  • Lateral Movement Stabilizer (LMS) and LMS+ in the torsion unit give support to the foot during irregular and fast movements. It also prevents rolling over outwards that could potentially make you injure yourself


  • It feels heavier on the feet unlike other models
  • Small sizes, it is advisable to choose a size up for wide feet
  • Not durable because the components rip apart after a while
  • An expensive design

With a lighter and thinner reinforced upper to aid flexibility, you will humble your sparring partner and wow the spectators with ease wearing a pair of Salming Men's Kobra 2 Squash Indoor Court Shoes.

3. Hi-Tec Squash Unisex Trainer/Men’s Trainers/Unisex Sports

Hi-Tec Squash Unisex Trainer/Men’s Trainers/Unisex Sports

Hi-Tec has been a frontrunner in the manufacturing of shoes for squash since 1974, and it is famous for quality and classic designs among squash enthusiasts.

With these lace-up squash sneakers, you will get a firm fit and support for your foot throughout your game.

The gum rubber outsole will provide optimal grip on all surfaces, whether clay or concrete, keeping you stable on your feet at all times.


  • EVA midsole offers support and comfort during lateral movements
  • Use of a non-marking multi-directional gripped outsole to enable you to move well on the court
  • Cushioned ankle collar provides ankle support and a snug fit
  • Soft nubuck and mesh upper makes it lightweight and well-aerated
  • Use of midfoot webbing support to keep the foot firm always
  • Breathable panels allow the feet to stay airy and comfortable
  • Low heel sole helps you stay stable and balanced when pivoting
  • Available in men, women, and children sizes


  • Wide for narrow feet
  • Sizes run small
  • Feels stiff and bulky on the feet
  • Narrow toe box
  • Limited to white color only

Suede, leather, and fitted mesh upper will keep your feet comfortable and cool no matter the intensity of your session.

Hi-Tec Squash Unisex Trainer/Men’s Trainers/Unisex Sports branded with the Hi-Tec logo differentiates it from imitators.

You can be in control of the game, knowing your feet are well-protected.

4. ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 8 Volleyball Shoe

ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 8 Volleyball Shoe

Although this design is for volleyball, it has outstanding features that qualify to be among the best shoes for squash any day.

With its advanced shock-absorbing cushioning, improved traction, and phenomenal fit, it is a top choice for newbies and experienced squash players.

It is durable and will serve you well on hardwood floors because of the gum sole, which shows little wear, no matter how long you use it.


  • Wide toe box enables you to flex and move your toes in any direction
  • Use of Forefoot Gel Cushioning System in the forefoot to reduce shock to the feet and joints
  • NC rubber outsole compound helps in boosting traction on the court
  • Trusstic system helps to reduce the weight of the sole unit and also maintain the structural integrity of the shoe
  • Versatile and ideal for quick lateral movements, landings, and leaps in sports such as handball, racquetball, volleyball, pickleball, badminton, and squash
  • Lace-up frontal to make it fit and keep your feet in place when starting or stopping


  • The upper is not tear-resistant
  • Narrow fit
  • Not enough arch support
  • Irregular sizes

With the low-design and lightweight material used, you’ll be quick in your movement, while staying comfortable all through the game.

It might be a bit big widthwise; however, you can put on a pair of socks to get a snug fit.

If you have issues of plantar fasciitis, you will love the ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 8 Volleyball Shoe with orthotic gel inserts, for the fact that you won’t feel any pain throughout your session.

5. Salming Viper Men’s Court Shoes

Salming Viper Men’s Court Shoes

The viper design from Salming delivers optimal performance even with less cushioning in place, unlike the others in the series.

It is a low-profile but fast-paced pair of squash sneakers with features like excellent stability, which will enable you to have a low-to-the-court feel.

It also has a three-layer system that keeps the foot in its right position during high-performance sessions and lateral movements.


  • ViperSkin upper construction prevents friction and discomfort during a long game
  • It has an XR110 sticky outsole which gives more control and traction
  • Runlite 2 midsole creates an excellent ground feel, giving you flexibility and bounce on the court
  • Use of Torsion Guide System 62 75 to reduce the strain caused by lateral movements because the shoe will bend in the right places to promote stability
  • Lateral Movement Stabilizer Plus prevents the feet from rolling over outward and also keeps you from injuring your feet and ankle
  • Rollbar technology on the inner side of the outer sole makes it easier to reach for the stop ball or covering a shot during a game of squash and floorball


  • Lack of ankle support
  • Poor cushioning that should absorb shock from impact
  • Non-durable sole

Salming Viper Men’s Court Shoes enjoy patronage from 20 of the top 30 squash players in the world.

It may be pricey but will give you value for money, and it is available in 4 ranges of color.

6. Babolat Men’s Shadow Spirit Squash Indoor Court Shoes

Babolat Men’s Shadow Spirit Squash Indoor Court Shoes

This is a specially designed footwear for indoor sports activities.

It is lightweight, has the right support and cushioning required for excellent movement on the court.

Babolat worked with Michelin to produce an outsole that offers durability, tread designs, and a rubber grip that will enable you to perform for a long time.

There is a midsole vent through which air goes in and out during foot movements. This technology helps to keep the foot cool.


  • 3D classic resistance mesh offers extra protection and breathable flexibility to the feet
  • Use of a padded tongue and heel collar to get the needed comfort
  • Kompressor system in the outsole gives long-lasting dampening and comfort to the heel
  • Ergo-motion midsole assists in absorbing the excess pressure produced during a quick shift in direction and lateral movements
  • Active Sculpture Technology yields optimal cohesion and excellent shock absorption
  • It is available in black/red color which makes it noticeable on the feet
  • Strong lace structure will lock the feet in place for heightened stability
  • The right balance in the rebound makes for high performance
  • Cushioning is in place with the spring VK-rubber and EVA in the forefoot


  • Limited color
  • Only for indoor use
  • Expensive design

With the HTS 360 system in place, your foot will be firm inside the shoe thanks to the lateral foot, ankle, and heel support provided.

If you are an advanced squash player who desires a high-quality product among the best squash shoes, this adaptive sneaker will not fail you, given that it will adapt to your style of movement.

7. Adidas Men's Stabil X Volleyball Shoe

Adidas Men's Stabil X Volleyball Shoe

Stabil X from Adidas is a masterpiece that has a classic look, mid-cut design, and lightweight upper.

This upper feature hugs the feet well and makes your legs energetic as ever.

It has an adjustable inner cage that connects to the lacing system to provide the right amount of support.

It’s also manufactured with a responsive boost midsole that allows you to bounce on the court with high energy.

Whether you are a winger or back player, you will perform optimally with this comfortable squash shoe on your feet.


  • A breathable mesh upper gives the feet a glove-like feel while promoting breathability
  • Top-grip rubber outsole provides excellent grip and traction on all surfaces
  • Use of polyurethane sock liner to guarantee protection from impact and as well reduce irritation to stay comfortable
  • The mid-cut design is to give stability to the ankle if you want ankle support
  • Durable mesh forefoot prevents the shoe from wearing down through friction
  • The lightweight and snug feel will keep your feet flexible throughout all the moves you make


  • Narrow in the toe area
  • Small sizes; so, order a size up
  • An expensive design but a cheaper option is available

Adidas Men's Stabil X Volleyball Shoe has different color options that will match your outfit if you are a fashionable squash player that wants your ensemble to attract attention.

The comfort and stability it provides on the court during serving and striking qualify it as one of the best shoes for squash.

What to Look Out for Before Purchasing Squash Shoes?

Squash Shoes

Ankle Support

To avoid suffering from a swollen ankle after a game of squash, it is vital to have on a pair of squash sneakers that have the right ankle support.

Without ankle support, your feet will not have a snug fit, making you prone to falls on the court, thereby injuring your feet, ankle, and knee.

When you have the desired ankle support shoes, you will be able to move as you want without worries.

Squash shoes with ankle support are the mid-top designs in that they do not affect the way you move in any direction.

Having the right support and cushioning for your ankle helps to absorb shock from the impact that could potentially be harmful to the joints and other parts of the body.


Since squash is all about movement, you need shoes that have the right treading to keep you going without slipping and falling on your face.

The inability to maintain balance and stability on all surfaces will cause you to have a bad performance.

The best squash shoes must be sturdy with a sole made from a blend of gum rubber and synthetic elements. Such a combination will provide the required traction needed to be comfortable and stable all through.

Perfect Fit

Perfect Fit

Having known that squash is an energetic game that requires a lot of movement, your shoe must be a perfect fit.

Wearing a small size will make your feet swell and keep you in pain due to the tightness. This will destabilize your game plan.

On the other hand, a large or wide size pair will keep you unstable and exposed to friction.

Putting on the right-sized shoe will keep you comfortable and help with your moves and turns without your feet sliding off.

In other words, your feet should feel safe and secured in your shoes to allow you to be at your comfort.


To get value from your squash shoes (since most are expensive), it is better to buy a design or brand made with quality materials that will withstand the fast and abrupt movements of the high-intensity game.

The number of times and hours you use it and how intense your sessions will have a significant impact on how long it lasts before wear and tear begins to set in.

Most of these shoes enhanced with lateral reinforcements stand the test of time before the need for a replacement.


The right amount of grip will serve you well during movements and also ensure you stay stable on your feet.

The right shoe will allow you to move on any surface and in any direction with a firm grip, so you don’t injure your ankle.


The choice of shoe for squash must be targeted at those made with materials that are absorbent and porous to allow the inflow of air.

Considering the intensity of squash, and not forgetting the indoor nature of the environment, heat is easily generated.

Therefore, you must have a pair of shoes that do not keep sweat, so your feet do not begin to smell.

Squash shoes are always made with perforated mesh panels to keep the feet airy, fresh, and dry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do you need squash shoes?

A. In squash, players make backward and sideways motions that are greatly enhanced with the proper pair of shoes, unlike running shoes that are designed for straight and forward movements.

The soles of indoor court shoes are made from gum rubber, has rounded edges, and are also non-marking so as not to mark the floor but ensure a good grip.

Conversely, your regular running shoe has sharp edges and a thick sole that will not serve you well when you change direction on the court.

Every shoe type designed for squash has a purpose it serves; however, the primary need they meet is to prevent injuries.

Q. How do you know the level of cushioning required?

A. You need proper cushioning if you play squash frequently. This is essential to protect your ankles and knees from impacts during games.

The right amount of cushioning helps prevent fatigue to the feet and also offers stability and support, so you don’t hurt yourself.

Older players and heavy players can put extra support in their shoes to stay balanced and safe on the court.

The cushioning must not be too thick that you won’t be able to have a feel of the court.

Q. How important are the weight of squash shoes?

A. Squash shoes must be lightweight because of the lateral movements during play.

Your shoes must not be heavy to the point that they slow you down. This is the reason most squash shoes have minimal cushioning to avoid any extra weight.

The weight should be comfortable enough to make you swerve, run, and turn with ease.

Q. Do you need to wear socks with your squash shoes?

A. To get more protection, padding, and comfort, you can put on a pair of socks.

Some socks will help you stay dry, slip-free, and keep your feet free from blisters while also serving as arch support so your ankle and knee can remain stress-free.

It is vital to stay away from thick socks, which will not allow you to feel the court. So it's good to wear these shoes need no socks to away other problems.

Q. How often should you change your squash shoes?

A. The frequency of buying a new pair will depend on your usage and the intensity of your matches.

The moment you notice the tread is wearing off or the sole starts to separate, or there are holes in the toe areas, it is time to go shopping because your foot won’t get the protection and support it needs from the pair again, which is not safe for you on the court.

This crucial to preventing painful or sore foot.


To put up a splendid performance at either an intermediate or professional squash tournament requires putting on the right footwear.

You need to have a proper understanding of the shape of your foot, arch, toes, and ankle before deciding on your choice because they contribute to your movement.

Different brands ranging from HEAD, Salming, ASICS, Hi-Tec, Adidas, and Babolat have designs that will fit your feet and personality so you can be at your best.

Going on a squash shoe shopping adventure should be a walkover after reading reviews concerning the 7 best squash shoes of 2020.

Keep your feet healthy and fit as you serve, strike the ball, and await a valid return from your opponent, whether for fun or in a serious competition.

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