The 8 Best Shoes for Disney World in 2020

You’ve bought your passes and planned the outfits--in all the preparations you make for a big trip to Disney, don’t forget to plan for the most overworked part of your body during your time in the parks--your feet!

Having the right shoes can truly make or break your trip to see the Mouse, both for you and your kids, so choose wisely before the big day comes! We definitely recommend wearing your shoes of choice for at least a few weeks before heading to the park for miles of walking and hours of standing in line.

When it comes to the best shoes for Disney, we looked at eight walking shoes and sandals that are popular amongst users to decide which one should be your top consideration.

For us, the winner was the distinct but popular New Balance Women's Minnie Rocks The Dots Wl574v2, which offers a TPU heel insert for support, and ENCAP midsole for cushioning around your foot and between your toes.

We think they’d do an amazing job of keeping you comfy and cool during your time at the most magical place on earth!

Best Shoes for Disney World 



Made of


New Balance Women's Minnie Rocks The Dots Wl574v2

Faux Leather

Rubber sole

ASICS Women's GEL-Venture 5 Running Shoe


Rubber sole

Under Armour Men's Charged Bandit 2 Running Shoe


Rubber sole

Grasshoppers Women's Windham Slip-On Flat


Synthetic sole

Skechers Women's Go Walk 2 Hypo Walking Shoe


Synthetic sole

Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling 2


Synthetic sole

KEEN Men's Newport H2 Sandal

Polyester webbing

Rubber sole

Skechers Performance Womens Go Walk Pizazz


Rubber sole

1. New Balance Women's Minnie Rocks The Dots Wl574v2

New Balance Women's Minnie Rocks The Dots Wl574v2

In a fun and stylish collaboration with Disney, New Balance offers this comfortable shoe that can be worn in and out of the parks. The faux-leather uppers come in both red and black with a weathered look and these shoes come in sizes 5-12.

For comfort, they have a foam padded collar and tongue, removable foam insole, TPU heel insert for support, and ENCAP midsole for cushioning. The outsole is a durable rubber, perfect for pavement or trails. The closures are traditional lace-up, so you can get the perfect fit and tightness!

What makes these a great choice for Disney? Obviously, the color scheme and design are huge pluses--now it’s not just the kids who get to dress-up for their day at the park!

The rubber outsole will be durable for walking on a variety of surfaces, even on wetter days. The foam support around and under the foot will offer comfort for long days of walking.

It’s unfortunate that these don’t come in anything but medium width, as there are a lot of wide and narrow shoe wearers that will have to miss out on this fun design. The weathered look may not appeal to everyone and their personal style.


  • These shoes come in classic Disney Minnie red and black and are an official Disney collaboration.
  • The lace-ups ensure a great, snug fit for long days at the park.
  • The rubber outsole will be durable and sturdy on all types of terrain and in all types of weather conditions.
  • The foam insole offers needed support for standing in long lines.
  • Unlike real leather, faux leather will not retain water, and therefore will not warp or crack after getting wet.


  • These shoes do not come in wide or narrow widths.
  • The faux leather material may not “break in” as well as leather sneakers would, and could quickly wear away and tear at stress points.
  • The color choices may not appeal to all shoe wearers.

Overall, you can’t beat an official collaboration between New Balance and Disney, especially when you are looking for the best shoes for Disney parks. These, paired with a cute Minnie shirt and some ears, would make the perfect, comfortable outfit for your family’s day at Disney!

2. ASICS Women's GEL-Venture 5 Running Shoe

ASICS Women's GEL-Venture 5 Running Shoe

With ten color choices and both medium and wide widths, this shoe from the well-known ASICS brand can provide comfort while walking the park or running one of the Disney races. It has a high shaft to offer a lot of support to the foot and ankle, a GEL cushioning system, and has space for an orthotic insert of your choice.

Looking at the reviews, there are many people who love this shoe--they found that they hardly needed any breaking in, that they offered great support for high arches, and had a roomy toe that prevented any loss of circulation.

Quite a few users also had issues with the lack of slip-resistance on the outsole. These shoes are more geared for trails and rough terrain, and will not handle sleek, wet surfaces well. That’s definitely something to consider when packing these for Disney!


  • These shoes come in ten color choices.
  • Both medium and wide widths are available.
  • The high shaft provides the foot with a lot of support.
  • The GEL cushioning makes walking and running more comfortable.
  • The shoe is designed to accommodate an insert.


  • These may not be the best choice for low arches because of the room in the midsole area.
  • The outsoles are designed for trail running, so they are not slip-resistant at all on paved surfaces in wet conditions.
  • Some wearers said that these were much lower quality than other ASICS shoes they’ve owned.

If you’re planning on running a race at Disney, these could be an option to wear. However, because of their lack of slip-resistance on paved surfaces, and some reports of a lower-than-normal quality for the ASICS brand, we’d probably keep looking for Disney shoes.

3. Under Armour Men's Charged Bandit 2 Running Shoe

Under Armour Men's Charged Bandit 2 Running Shoe

For men, the Under Armour Charged Bandit 2 is a stylish and comfortable running shoe that comes in 12 color choices and both medium and wide widths. The shaft is considered a low top, and the shoe features a rubber sole with high abrasion rubber added to places that get a lot of wear.

The heathered upper is one of the more unique and fun features to this shoe and serves many purposes, offering breathability and a lot of flexibility. There’s also an internal heel cup that gives a locked-in fit for the foot.

Wearers love the stylish look of these; the fitted feel that the heathered uppers give, and the support found in the heel cup. Most mentioned that these shoes run small--about ¾ of a size smaller than the normal running shoe. This problem was easy to solve by ordering a size up.

Some found that the heathered uppers wore off easily around some parts of the toes, but this could also be caused by incorrect sizing and wearing too-small shoes.


  • These shoes come in 12 colors.
  • Wide and medium widths are available.
  • The heathered uppers offer breathability and flexibility.
  • The shoe offers an internal heel cup for comfort and fit.
  • High abrasion rubber is installed on high-traffic areas of the outsole.


  • These shoes run about one size smaller than normal running shoes.
  • The cloth uppers may wear down faster than shoes of other materials.

Overall, these shoes look like a great choice for the men in your life who are interested in the best walking shoes for Disney.

You can definitely find a color to match your Mickey Mouse or Peter Pan t-shirt, and thanks to the material of the shoe, they seem like they would dry quickly if you get wet on Splash Mountain.

4. Grasshoppers Women's Windham Slip-On Flat

Grasshoppers Women's Windham Slip-On Flat

Changing lanes from looking at athletic shoes, these canvas flats from Grasshoppers are not only cute in five neutral colors, but they also come in a large variety of sizes, from 5 to 12, and from narrow to extra-wide. This guarantees that everyone can find the perfect fit!

Along with the size and color, these cute shoes have a lot to offer their Disney-goer. The canvas fabric won’t be ruined if they get wet on some of the rides. On the inside, the shoes feature the Ortholite footbed, which offers memory foam support with odor and bacteria-fighting properties!

Reviewers had great things to say about these shoes--many found them to be comfortable right out of the box, that they did a great job with moisture and odor without socks, and were comfortable even while on their feet all day.

Some did have issues with the shoes being a bit slippery on wet surfaces, and others found that the canvas fabric made for hot feet, as they tend to hold the heat in. These are both big considerations when going to warm, and sometimes wet, areas like Disney!

You might be like these fantastic canvas shoes to make your feet more comfortable.


  • Sizes are available in four different widths.
  • There are six colors of canvas options.
  • The Ortholite liner offers memory foam support and odor-resistant properties.
  • These shoes are comfortable with or without socks and don’t smell after not using socks.
  • Reviewers said these were very comfortable and did not need to be broken in.


  • These shoes may not offer enough arch support for flat or wide feet.
  • The flats tend to run a bit narrow, which isn’t a huge problem since they offer an extra-wide size.
  • The soles of these shoes don’t provide a lot of grip on slick, wet surfaces.
  • Some users found that the canvas material trapped in heat and made feet sweat.

If you’re looking for an alternative to an athletic shoe, these slip-on flats look like an amazing and well-loved choice for Disney! They are cute, comfortable, and can be thrown on without socks for a casual, breezy look.

We definitely recommend trying these out when searching for that perfect shoe for Disney! You can check out our review on the great shoes for without socks.

5. Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk 2 Hypo Walking Shoe

Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk 2 Hypo Walking Shoe

Skechers is well-known for comfortable shoes in fun colors and at affordable prices, and their Go Walk 2 Hypo Walking shoes are popular with wearers! These shoes come in four colors, with a couple of neutrals and a couple of brights to please everyone.

On the inside, there are several comfort measures taken, including a slight heel (1.25”), an Ortholite antimicrobial sockliner, and Resalyte midsole, which all try to give the wearer as much flexibility and as good of a fit as possible. The sweater-like FitKnit fabric on the uppers provides a soft but breathable barrier for your foot.

Many users found these shoes to be extremely comfortable, affordable, and stylish. In comparing them to the original Go Walk shoes, some found that the quality seemed lower, and even the fit seemed smaller.


  • These shoes come in four varying colors.
  • The FitKnit fabric lets your foot breath and dries quickly when wet.
  • The Ortholite sockliner keeps odors and bacteria away, even when worn barefoot.
  • These shoes offer comfort to people with a myriad of foot issues.


  • There are no wide or narrow sizes available.
  • Some wearers felt the quality of these shoes and their support is not as high as other Skechers shoes.
  • These tend to fit smaller than the typical shoe.

If you’re a Skechers fan, it may be worth trying out these shoes for a nice, casual, but cute athletic-looking shoe for your trip to Disney.

Because of some complaints, these shoes compared to the original Go Walks and some other options available.

Best Sandals for Disney

6. Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling 2

Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling 2

You’ve probably seen these popular and easily-recognizable sandals around town, but did you know they are a perfect (and proven!) choice for Disney? They come in 22 different color choices and full sizes between 5 and 11.

The best part about these sandals is their yoga mat footbeds, which can keep your feet happy and comfortable all day long.

The uppers are a lightweight, two-way stretch knit fabric that’s soft against your skin and between your toes. These shoes can be thrown into the washer when needed, which keeps them clean and looking fresh without much work.

Wearers were huge fans of these sandals--when you compare them to the typical flip-flop, it seems like it’s hard not to be a fan! Many had used them at Disney and reported happy but understandably tired, feet at the end of the day.

They aren’t the fastest to dry, but wearers had no issues with a little dampness rubbing them the wrong way.

You can find more discussion about yoga shoes here.


  • These sandals are a comfortable and cute update on the typically plastic flip-flop.
  • They come in 22 colors.
  • They are machine washable.
  • The yoga mat material bottoms offer extreme comfort.


  • They only come in full sizes, and some people found differing success sizing up or down.
  • They may take a while to dry when wet.

These definitely top our list as one of the best sandals for Disney, should you be interested in that style. The washability, color choices, style, and many happy reviews are all big pluses for these unique stylish sandals that have become quite popular and in recent years!

7. KEEN Men's Newport H2 Sandal

KEEN Men's Newport H2 Sandal

It’s hard to get much more durable than a KEEN sandal, and the men’s Newport H2 Sandal is their original water shoe offering for men that have stood the test of time. With the breathability of a sandal and the protection of a shoe, these KEENs have no problems handling the Disney parks in all weather conditions.

The polyester webbing on the top of the shoe dries quickly and won’t rub your foot when wet. The entire shoe is machine washable, so these can be used in all sorts of conditions from the parks to camping, or especially for hiking. The polyester is equipped with odor-reducing Aegis Microbe Shield to keep away odors.

Of course, there are lots of huge KEEN fans amongst their wearers, but some found that the stitching on these, especially around the heel, did not live up to the same quality they know of from the brand.

The outsoles are praised for their extreme durability, but that doesn’t quite match what has happened for many in the stitching. The sizing is also a little small, so plan on ordering a half size larger than normal.


  • These shoes come in 11 colors.
  • They feature a durable outsole with toe protection like a regular shoe.
  • The polyester webbing lets the foot breath like a sandal and dries quickly.
  • The webbing is easily tightened without bothering with laces.


  • These shoes tend to run small and need to be ordered a half size larger than normal.
  • Many wearers had issues with the stitching near the heel not lasting long.

It’s hard to tell if the stitching issues are enough to nix these from your Disney shoe list, but given their comfort level and overall durability, they are worth a shot! They will keep your feet airy but also dry quickly should you have rain or water rides in your forecast.

8. Skechers Performance Womens Go Walk Pizazz Flip-Flop

Skechers Performance Womens Go Walk Pizazz Flip-Flop

Last in our list of sandals for Disney are another offering from Skechers--the Go Walk Pizzazz flip-flop. In six different colors and whole sizes, these flip flops are a lightweight, casual shoe that can handle lots of standing in line and walking the parks.

The GOga Mat technology in the sole of the shoe is what sets these apart from other flip flops--it’s similar to the yoga mat material of the Sanuk sandals. The mesh fabric and rubber sole ensure that this sandal will dry quickly and won’t leave blisters or sour smells.

Many wearers claimed these to be the most comfortable flip-flop they’d ever worn. Since they don’t come in half-sized, many suggested sizing up if needed, and get the dark soles as they will stay nicer looking longer than the white soles.


  • The GOga Mat soles offer lots of comforts, even for people with foot problems.
  • The mesh fabric and rubber soles let them dry quickly when wet.
  • The sandals are machine washable if needed.


  • These don’t come in whole sizes, so it may take some trying on to figure out the perfect size.
  • The white soles of some of the sandals get dirty very quickly.
  • Some people found that the straps loosened considerably when wet, while others found that washing them in a washing machine solved that issue.
  • Durability was a problem for some people, especially if they used this as an everyday shoe.

Overall, it seems like these would be a great shoe to try if you struggle to find comfortable flip-flops but want a sandal for a trip to Disney! Many wearers with a variety of foot and leg issues found these to be a supportive, comfortable option that allowed them to walk a lot and keep their feet cool!

Things to Consider Before Buying Shoes for Disney

Best Shoes for Disney World


Style is a matter of preference for many people who plan on attending Disney.

The most popular styles of shoes are athletic walking or running shoe or a pair of sandal.

Athletic shoes tend to offer a lot of arch support, have space for inserts or orthotics, and can be laced up for a perfect fit.

However, athletic shoes may not do well when wet and could take a long time to dry, rubbing blisters in the process.

Sandals are the other most popular choice for shoes for Disney. They offer breathability in hot climates, dry quickly, and look good with a variety of outfits.

Boots, foldable ballet flats, boat shoes, moccasins, heels, and wedges may all technically be worn to the parks, but if you’ll be spending all day there, these may not be your best options.

Related: You might wear a pair of stylish light up shoes to make everyone notice when you are in Disney.


Proper fit is extremely important for a shoe that you will be walking and standing in as much as you will at the parks.

If the shoe causes your toes to lose circulation or the top of your foot to hurt, they may be too small of a shoe.

If your foot develops blisters from moving around inside your shoe, the shoe may be too big.

Other issues can be caused by improper fit for those with plantar fasciitis, flat or high arches, or wide feet. Shoes with room for inserts are best in these situations.


Choosing the materials of your shoes can be difficult, depending on the weather and water rides at your park of choice.

Faux leather is waterproof by design, so that may be a good choice for an athletic shoe material.

Sandals can be made from a variety of different materials--anything cloth or fabric may take longer to dry, but also may be more comfortable than rubber or plastic.

Mesh fabrics seem to be popular in between choice--they are comfortable to the foot but can get wet and dry quickly.


Even if you don’t have issues with your feet, Disney is a place where you will need all the support you can get from your shoes.

Shoes with gel or memory foam insoles are a great choice, as they offer a barrier between you and the hard pavement, and cushion each step that your foot takes.

If you have high or flat arches or heel pain, an extra gel or memory foam insert would be a great thing to add to your shoes--for this reason, athletic shoes and flats may be a better choice than sandals in those situations.


The chances are that your shoes will get fairly dirty while touring the parks--so it’s good to choose a shoe that is easy to clean and will handle dirt well.

Darker outsoles and fabrics on the uppers will look better even when dirty.

Shoes that are machine washable can be rid of odors and grime from the parks after you return home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Do I have to wear shoes at Disney?

A. Shoes are required at Disney, but after that, the gates are totally open as to what kind of shoes you want to wear.

The only time that shoes may become an issue is on the Soarin’ ride. If you’re wearing flip flops, the cast member will ask you to stow them away for the ride.

Q. Will my shoes get wet at Disney?

A. There are a variety of water rides in all the Disney parks, plus the chance of rain.

It’s always a good idea to wear shoes that can get wet and dry quickly, or carry a backup pair in your bag.

Q. What is the best style of shoe for Disney?

A. Most people choose walking or running shoes or sandals for their Disney trip.

Sandals offer a lot of breath abilities and can dry quickly when wet, but they may not always offer the support needed for so much standing and walking.

Running and walking shoes offer the most support of the shoe styles, but when wet, they may not always perform as well.

Q. How long should I break in my shoes before Disney?

A. Experts recommend wearing your shoes for at least a month before taking them to Disney.

This will allow you to break them in, to see if there are any fit issues with them, and to make sure they are a good choice for lots of standing and walking.

Q. What should I do if I get a blister at Disney?

A. Even with the best of precautions, blisters may be inevitable when you’re walking as much as you will at Disney.

Because of this, it’s a good idea to keep blister pads or bandaids in your bag, so you can apply it at any point throughout the day.

After that, try to choose the shoes that will rub that area the least, and if you’re planning on getting wet,it will dry the quickest.


There’s a lot of preparation that goes into a trip like this, even down to the shoes you’ll be wearing on your feet!

While it may feel overwhelming to be figuring out fast passes and meal reservations at this point, at least you can rest easy knowing that thanks to this quick and detailed article, the shoes you choose will be the easiest decision of your day!

Whether it’s walking shoes or sandals, or if you decide to pull out your old combat boots, wearing comfortable, broken-in shoes that won’t overheat your feet or cause pain is the number one priority when choosing the best shoes for Disney.


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